What would be your next steps after finishing PADI freediver course? What equipment should you buy? Where can you continue you trainings?

Buy Decent Freedive Equipment

First of all, if you have not done it yet, buy a good set of the freedive equipment:

  • freedive bi-fins or mono-fin
  • freedive computer
  • freedive mask and snorkel
  • freedive weight belt etc.

There is a wide choice of the individual equipment on the sites like e-bay or specialized e-commerce shops like Scubastore. Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult to find decent equipment if you start to teach. Apnea is a relatively new activity and specialized manufacturing is not so developed yet. Being based in Europe at the time, I bought my instructor’s equipment from German e-store Simones-Hammerladen. Another responsive and kind-hearted freediving equipment trader – yeah, from Germany again ;) – is Stefan Baier.

Choose between PADI, AIDA and SSI

If you wish to continue as a PADI professional, when take the next logical steps: PADI Advanced Freediver and after it PADI Master Freediver.

Though PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is definitely the most popular system for scuba divers (covering over 70% of all divecenters), in freediving nowadays two other organizations AIDA and SSI are more spread. PADI lunched its freediver program not so long ago - in 2015 - and it is definitely getting more and more popular. My suggestion would be: if you started with PADI, stick to it. But, off course, it is up to you, what path to choose: PADI, AIDA or SSI.

Again, for the European-based freedivers, I would highly recommend my teacher Alexandra Schaef with her freediving school. She is an experienced instructor in all the originations mentioned: AIDA, SSI and PADI. Though her web-site is in German only, we usually communicate in perfect English. Germany seems to be a country where strong freediving tradition develops today. Icy-free-diving ;)

In the Southeast Asia region I would recommend Dagoury Florian with his Maya Freediving school.

See you arround!