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Free My Friends Hot Mom Galleries Collection. Sara Jay finds out that her daughters study buddy, Damon, wants to be more than a study buddy, he wants to be a bed buddy as well. Since her daughter isnt putting out for him Sara decides to my freinds hot sister over.

Diamond sure is lonely now that her son is out of the house. Seth stops by his friends house to pick him up and head over to the concert. His friends mom, Sasha Sean, lets Seth know that her son cant go because hes under the weather. The only action Tara has been getting is from her dildo. Well Mckenzie just got a boob job and loves showing it off, so she busts them out and has Pete play with them for a bit.

Janet Masons son stops by to visit and he brings his fraternity brother, Trent, with him. Janet sends her son off to pick up items for the BBQ so to give herself time alone with Trent. She gets lonely in her big house. Since her son is still at college, she welcomes his friend Derrick when he mistakenly shows up at the house. They get to talking and then some! Ava and Phoenix are on the couch holding each other while they are watching a scary movie when Brick slowly appears from behind the couch and gives them a scare of his own. Eva Notty is tanning by the pool when her sons friend. Xander spill a drink on his pants and Eva offers to help clean it up.

Richie jumps into his Simones bed and tries to take a nap. She comes out of the bathroom to find out what he is doing and to give him a clue that its not her sons room. He asks for just a hour but, Simone is going to make him work for that hour. Ariella Ferrera just got home from a horrible date. She finds her sons friend hanging out on the couch playing video games. Since her date went bad, but shes still horny, she decides to seduce her sons friend and ride his dick on the couch. Johnny, is watching the game in her home office. Kendra Lust has noticed that her sons friend, Johnny, has been working out and is looking great. In fact, she wants to see more of his body, like his penis.

She leads Johnny upstairs where she undresses him and begins banging his brains out. Mikki Lynns son has a friend over to watch movies. Mikki is the kind of woman who does anything to get what she wants and when she sees her sons friend she cant help to want his cock deep inside her. Holly, sends Chad back to their old place while telling Clover to stay with her to moves things there. Syren De Mers sons friend, Robby, stops by to ask her for advice on girls. Syren gets him to confess that he is a virgin. Syren believes that if Robby wasnt a virgin he would be more confident and better able to pick up women. Eva Notty runs into her sons friend in her kitchen.

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Hes running around with his shirt off and getting Eva all hot and bothered. So whats a milf to do other than seduce her sons friend and take his big cock in her kitchen. Nina Elle is one hot busty milf. Richie comes by looking for her son while Nina is helping herself to a banana. Now that theyre alone shes craving another banana, Richies banana. Ann has been having some back problems and they were aggravated when she carried a bag into the house. Van volunteered to give her a massage and he had himself pressed against her back. India Summer is enjoying some time by the pool with her friend Ava Addams.

Wearing nothing but a bow, now that theyre alone shes craving another banana, catchers her in the act he my freinds hot sister her about it.

Xander, walking in the blaring summer heat. She gives him a ride him and tucks him into bed as he is still out of it from a night of partying. Richie has just graduated from college and came back home for the summer. Kendra, invited him over to catch up with him and offer him a job for the summer. Johnny is in need of a little assistance and thinks Emma is the one to help him. Of course she had a special reason for bringing him along. Darla Crane spots her sons friend at the bar and invites him back to her place. Darla wants some of that cock, but her sons friend is hesitant until Darla tells him that he has nothing to worry about since her son is out of town.

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Alan who wants to stop by to pick up a package for his friend. Mellanie laughs at him because she thinks he is a nerd because he likes to read so much. Sara is over joyed that Preston has come back to visit after being away at college for so long. While they are watching a movie with her son, she keeps inching her hand towards Preston cock. Julia Ann caught her sons friend, Tyler, peeping on her as she dressed. She brings him in and scolds him. Even though she is upset she has always found him kind of cute, so instead of punishing him she treats him to her sweet pussy. Hell, hes already fucked his sister Becky, so why not Mom? Kendra Lust gets a ride to the resort from her sons friend, Alan.

Alan was glad to do so as he has been wanting to get some time alone with Kendra. Hes always had a crush on her and figures he could make his move while they were alone. Tara Holiday is convinced that her sons friend has been checking her out. When she brings this up with her sons friend, Preston, he denies it at first before finally fessing up to the fact that he has checked her out on a few occasions. Since Deauxma got divorced, shes been neglecting some important things, like getting her oil changed and getting laid. Alan Stafford, replaced her brakes for her. She goes to pay Alan for the parts but she has no cash on her. Ethan stop by to visit his friend, but his friend is still busy at work. His friends mom, Sara Jay, asks Ethan to stay a while.

Tara takes a peak into the room Seth is going to be sleeping in while he stays over her house with her son. Billy comes by to clean it. He explains to her that her son paid him 100 dollars to clean it for him. Ava Addams has been cheating on her husband with a hot young stud.

Swinger and more can my freinds hot sister found in the Pink visual all, mikki Lynn is waiting for her date but comes across her sons friend so she fucks him instead.

Tyler, catchers her in the act he asks her about it. Well Ava is not one to leave things to chance, she wants to keep her nice house and her family. In reality, Ava just wanted some cock and she used the broken light as a ploy to get him over.

Eva gets a call from him telling her he has to cancel. Darla, over to discuss some important matters. Destiny Dixon catches her sons friend in her bed, completely naked and jacking off to her bra and panties. She cant believe that he doesnt have better things to jerk off to, like porn. She decides to teach him a lesson, by fucking his brains out!

Bruce stops by to visit his friend on his break from college. Kendra, invites him in to wait.

Kendra then excuses herself to take a nap while Bruce waits. Deauxma catches her sons friend sticking his dick in a sandwich. Apparently, hes upset at his boss for making him go get his lunch. Being the nice women that she is, Deauxma decides to give her sons friend a hand in his shenanigans. 6000th scene here at Naughty America and to celebrate we bring you Deauxma making 6000 cupcakes. Johnny and Gulliana, stop by to visit on their break from college. Alura to set up an audition for Seth because he wants to become an actor and Alura has the connections to make it happen. She would hate to see a perfectly good strip go to waste though, so she has him stay and do his job.